Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cakes, cookies, and pies - part II

best of pinterest desserts

Hi y’all! It’s Baby June, and we’re back with a new installment of “Cakes, cookies, and pies”—starring not only the three aforementioned desserts but ice creams, bars, cups, breakfast foods, and whatever other thoughts happen to pop into June’s head during the course of this episode!

picard facepalm gif
Okay. Go on. source

Before we plunge into the butter-laced sugar rivers of dessertlandia, let me get some boring shit out of the way. As you can see, I have been spending my summer vacation picking out fancy schmancy add-ons for this here blog. To the left, there is a bar of social media icons with which you can share my posts! OMG! which you will obviously want to do after beholding the awesomeness that is this blog. You can also subscribe to get email updates on the Hellobar above as well as the sidebar. Highly recommended, because social media is not nearly as reliable as the humble email in delivering blog posts straight to you. I should know—I am a proud blog addict whose inbox is nearly always cluttered with a thousand million new posts and recipes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

how to philosophize with cake social media subscribe
Why did I screenshot my own blog?

At the bottom of each post is a selection of related content. I used Shareaholic’s widget for a little bit, but, um, it seemed to be displaying the same six related posts for every. single. page.

shareaholic related content example
Getting rather tired of seeing that kid's smug mug.

So I switched back to nRelate. Have heard good things about it; hopefully it will make this whole shitstorm of a blog a bit more enjoyable for all of us.


That was boring, wasn’t it? Let’s move on.

You may or may not have noticed I have been bingeing on Pinterest in the past couple days. You may or may not have noticed how I spammed your Twitter feeds with links and their accompanying enthusiastic captions. And what a time suck it has been.

This is what happens when kids these days don’t have anything to do: they start pinning desserts by the hundreds. You’ve been warned.

But it happened, it’s over, and now I have the idea that hey, maybe I’ll do a roundup of my favorite desserts from each board! Food bloggers do that a lot, right? Sorta like How Sweet Eats’ “Currently crushing on” posts every week. Those are cool, right? Right?

So now I’ve decided to make you unreasonably hungry at an odd hour and post my five favorite pins from each board. You know, for science.

Not that not all of these treats are vegan; in fact, most of them aren’t. But we can still glean some inspiration from the flavors and styling within these pictures, whether they are filled with animal products or not.

Here they are.


This cake is from one of my favorite blogs, Cakecrumbs. And hoo boy, I can’t even tell you how much I am smitten with this cake. She is an artist.

From Local Milk, a blog that is simultaneously über-hipster and über-awesome, and maybe those two words mean the same thing? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Earl Grey and lavender were meant to be together.

A gorgeous loaf cake from Annie’s Noms. I definitely have a passion for this cake.

And Molly Yeh does it again, this time with a fabulously unique cake. Actually made this once in cupcake form, and it was crazy addictive. Maybe I’ll veganize it someday…

You know what? I think Sprinkle Bakes is a legit goddess. My mom agrees, since I made this for her birthday this year. Yes. I did. Not joking. Wasn’t quite as pretty, but it was a total mouthgasm.

How to Philosophize with Cake

Is it sad my favorite things on my own board are GIFs? No. It’s not.


Probably one of my favorite recipes posted on the blog.


Gotta get your head in the game.


I’m a sucker for homemade bread. Especially when it has chocolate. Via Mama’s Gotta Bake.

Yo. Meet Kristy knows what’s up.

Chocolate babka is crazy good, but this—this looks, like, insanely good. Thank you, Girl Versus Dough, for bringing this into our lives.

Lady and Pups is one of my favorite blogs. This is just one reason why.

Cooking Classy’s pop tarts actually look way better than the original. Like, several thousand kilometers better.


Running to the Kitchen is a genius. I just cannot get over that flavor combination. Brilliant.

I have a feeling I wouldn’t confine myself to just one skillet if I made this recipe from Love and Lemons.

Twigg Studios isn’t famous enough yet. Please, everyone, make her famous.

Cooking Classy again, this time with the cutest gosh-darn thumbprint cookies you ever did see.

I mean, damn. Culinary Couture has got some skillz. Cookies like these make me wish eggs were vegan.


You can’t not love miniature tarts like this. Via Apartment 34.

Just beautiful. Sadly, Fraeulein Klein’s website is German, so it would be somewhat difficult to make the recipe, but we can enjoy the gorgeous pictures regardless of language.

The only thing better than pie is a cute lil hand pie. Lemons for Lulu knows this well. Obviously.


I have two words: “chocolate” and “pie”. Thank you, Baker’s Royale.


Another sublimely creative idea from Passionate About Baking. If it’s whole wheat, it’s healthy, amiright?

Two Peas and Their Pod has got the art of Pinterest-friendly desserts down pat. Just look at those layers of deliciousness. LOOK AT THEM.

If only there was a vegan way to make meringue. Zen Can Cook; and Zen can make me jealous of her dessert skillz.

Smitten Kitchen: my hero.

Bake or Break knows what is good and glorious in this world.


I may not have as many pins as the others on this board, but there sure are some gems. Like this one from A Swoonful of Sugar.

Spache the Spatula has done it: she’s made the greatest s’mores dessert mashup there ever was.

You know I like making doughnuts from scratch. The Cupcake Project has my next deep-frying endeavor all lined up.

Another éclair; another flavor; another swoon-worthy dessert, this time from Café Fernando.

What an elegant presentation. Another winner from Twigg Studios (seriously, make her famous).


How can you not love everything The Moonblush Baker makes? She’s brilliant.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, but you gotta admit Confessions of a Cookbook Queen had something going on here. I’d nosh on it any day of the week.

Came for the cute photo; stayed for the chocolate. And mint. Via The Kitchen Mccabe, again.

Now that’s one fabulous way to use raspberries. Saveur does it again.

Chose this rather ordinary-looking recipe because I’ve made it before, and it is the bomb. Mind-blowing, really. Thank you, Cupcake Project, for all that you do.

Gonna skip over my Cups board because, um, there’s not really much there. Do note that what is there, is fabulous. Moving right along.

Ice Cream

I’m not sure I would even like this (being an ardent hater of cilantro), but you’ve got to give props to The Merry Thought for that adventurous flavor.

I swear, my head is not stuck up The Kitchen Mccabe’s ass. She just has really…really…good…ideas.

I know what’s up here. Chelsea’s Messy Apron is trying to make us all obese.

A million points to Gryffindor for that bomb-ass presentation. Hungry Girl Por Vida goes vegan for one delicious dessert.

Probably the most Southern ice cream flavor, like, ever. From Today’s Nest.

Okay y’all, that’s it! I’m done bombarding you with dessert, you can go back to your day now. Not before pinning your favorite one, of course—think of it like a poll where you vote for the best desserts here. The drug that is Pinterest awaits.

And tomorrow, we’ll finish up the Neapolitan cake series. I promise.


  1. I want to eat everything you posted here. Except the dogenut. I want to put him in my pocket. :)

  2. yum.. what a great post. the lavender cake made by local milk is my standout favourite. thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you like it! It sure was fun "researching". :)

  3. I love to eat dessert, but unfortunately I'm not so good at making it. Can you please come over and make me all of these amazing dessert dishes?! Thank you!

    1. Haha I wish I could give people dessert through the internet. :P I'm counting on scientists to make that possible. :)

  4. Great roundup June! Totally having a midnight sugar craving now! I am kind of obsessed with Lady & Pups blog right now, she blows my mind with every single post. : )

  5. Your pins have got me really hungry for dessert!

  6. I couldn't pin point just one pin to comment about. I agree that they are all amazing. Maybe the doughnuts. OR maybe the skillets. ARHG I DUNNO. Great post... for science. I'm sure I would've paid a lot more attention in school if this was a science class.

    1. Me too! :P This post is sort of why I love the world of food blogging so much, there are just so many ridiculously talented people who make all of these insane recipes. :)

  7. I seriously could spend all day on Pinterest :)

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