Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Frito cheesecake layer cake

vegan frito cheesecake layer cake

I feel like I owe you some explanation for this.

I know how you feel. Scrolling through your reader or inbox only to see a bizarre cake pop up, the result of someone who was clearly stoned or under the influence of some strange drug or maybe who was dared to spin a dessert wheel-of-fortune and combine the three resulting adjectives into one weird little bastard-cake. And it’s probably too much to deal with at whatever hour of the day you are reading this. I totally understand.

As such, I have elected to answer some questions you probably have floating around in your head right about now. For example:

Q: Who is your pot dealer?

Woah, it's hypnotoad. source

A: Nyah nyah, joke’s on you because recreational marijuana is still outlawed in my state. Though I’m sure Colorado would approve of this cake.

Q: Okay. What possessed you to make this—this thing?

A: Have you ever heard of chocolate-covered potato chips? Well, if you haven’t, let me show you.

Of course Trader Joe's, the king of glorified junk food, would have this. source

They are, supposedly, the ultimate salty-sweet combination, with all of the crispiness and crunchiness that you could possibly ask for. Maybe. I, personally, hate potato chips, but firmly believe that ALL PRAISE BE UNTO FRITOS, that they are the most deliciously addictive chips that you can find on this planet and no, nobody paid me to say that but it is simply a fact and I had to let you know.
So of course I thought it might be a good idea to make a salty-sweet dessert starring not potato chips but Fritos. But chocolate was too mainstream, so I went with cheesecake.

What, you’ve never thought to dip your chips in cheesecake? Filthy casuals.

Q: How do you make it?

Easy enough. The cake itself and the Frito crumb on the top contain ground Fritos, but the filling and frosting are just cheesecake-flavored with some blended cashews and whatnot.

Q: Okay. Then what does it taste like?

It tastes like heaven, goddamit! It’s a sweet cake, but not overly dense and rich, as my father—the lucky bloke for whom I made this cake after he ran yet another half marathon—tells me. The cake base is surprisingly fluffy, with only a hint of that deep-fried corn flavor and plenty of nuttiness from the almond extract—since, ya know, fritos, cheesecake, and almonds are such a flawless flavor trio. In the center, you will find that the cheesecake filling is not very sweet at all. I was tempted to use powdered sugar instead of maple syrup, which you can certainly do if you please; but as is, the layer is a nice contrast from the other components. As for the cheesecake frosting? Perfection. Gooey and tangy and fluffalicious as a frosting should be. The crunchy and perfectly salty-sweet Frito crumb, inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar’s classic crumb topping, is an awesome textural accompaniment.

You see that? I said “textural accompaniment”. That means this is some serious culinary shit right here. 

vegan frito cheesecake layer cake
Mmmm yeah.

I just want you to know that you should not be afraid.

Embrace the Frito cake.

Here is the recipe.


Frito cheesecake layer cake

Makes one small eight-inch two-layer cake


Frito Cake

Adapted from Cute and Delicious


38 grams • Frito chips • 1.3 ounces

244 grams • nondairy milk • 1 cup

4 grams • apple cider vinegar • 1 teaspoon

140 grams • all-purpose flour • 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons

6 grams • baking powder • 1 ½ teaspoons

3 grams • salt • ½ teaspoon

150 grams • granulated sugar • ¾ cup

75 grams • coconut oil, melted and cooled slightly • 1/3 cup

4 grams • vanilla extract • 1 teaspoon

2 grams • almond extract • ½ teaspoon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease an 8 inch cake pan and line with parchment. Set aside.

Place Fritos in a food processor and blend until the chips have turned into a fine meal.

In a small bowl, combine nondairy milk and apple cider vinegar. In a medium bowl, whisk together ground Fritos, flour, baking powder, and salt. Add in granulated sugar, coconut oil, vanilla and almond extracts, and milk-vinegar mixture. Mix just until smooth and well-combined.

Pour batter into cake pan and bake for about 30 to 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let cool for ten minutes before removing from pan to cool completely.


Cheesecake filling


140 grams • cashews, soaked for a few hours and drained • 1 cup

2 grams • lemon juice • ½ teaspoon

7 grams • apple cider vinegar • ½ tablespoon

14 grams • coconut oil • 1 tablespoon

60 grams • maple syrup • 3 tablespoons

4 grams • vanilla extract • 1 teaspoon

2 grams • almond extract • ½ teaspoon

Pinch salt


Place cashews in a food processor and blend until as smooth as possible. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Set aside until ready to assemble cake.


Cheesecake frosting

Adapted from The Busy Spatula


140 grams • nondairy cream cheese, softened • 5 ounces

56 grams • nondairy margarine, softened • ¼ cup

70 grams • cashews, soaked for a few hours and drained • ½ cup

180 grams • powdered sugar • 1 ½ cups

4 grams • vanilla extract • 1 teaspoon

5 grams • lemon juice • 1 teaspoon

Pinch salt


Before making frosting, blend cashews in a food processor until as smooth as possible. Set aside.

Place cream cheese and margarine in the bowl of an electric stand mixer and beat until fluffy. Add blended cashews and mix on medium speed until thoroughly combined. With mixer on low, gradually add powdered sugar until fully combined, then add remaining ingredients and whip until light and fluffy and amazing.


Frito crumb


40 grams • Frito chips, ground into a fine meal • 1.4 ounces

40 grams • all-purpose flour • ¼ cup

12 grams • cornstarch • 2 tablespoons

25 grams • granulated sugar • 2 tablespoons

2 grams • kosher salt • ½ teaspoon

14 grams • vegetable oil • 1 tablespoons


Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment; set aside.

Combine all ingredients except coconut oil in a medium bowl. Toss with oil until thoroughly combined. Spread mixture out on baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes, or until crumbs are golden brown. Let cool completely on parchment before using.




1 recipe Frito cake

1 recipe cheesecake filling

1 recipe cheesecake frosting

1 recipe Frito crumb

Whole Frito chips to taste


Cut Frito cake in half lengthwise so you have two thinner layers. If needed, cut off the domed top part of the cake. Place one cake half on a cutting board (or other frosting surface) and shmear that cheesecake filling all over it. Top with the other cake half. Frost entire cake with cheesecake frosting. Sprinkle Frito crumb on top and press whole Fritos around the sides of the cake for decoration. Slice and munch.

vegan frito cheesecake cake

Now, this here cake is completely vegan. I know, it’s difficult to believe, but just remember that Fritos, the chips of the gods, are vegan, as well as coconut oil, flour, sugar, and plenty of other junk food-y ingredients that can all come together whenever they please to form the most junk food-y of all desserts to grace this earth.

And it is glorious.

P.S. This is my 90th post! Only ten more documents filled with drivel before the centennial! Mwahahaha...


  1. Normally, I would side eye the shit out of something with this ingredient combination but a) I trust you and b) honestly, anything involving salty/sweet and crunchy/creamy ingredient combos is ok by me, so I think this is probably going to be amazing. I hope I can find an excuse to make it sometime. Maybe I can convince my dad to start running marathons too!

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad you trust me. Actually, don't trust me--trust the tastes of my family. They loved it, so it must be good :) Hope you do make it!!

  2. How much would the postage be for such a cake being ship to le UK, and would it include my very personal hypnotoad to come and eat it with me? Then yes, sign me up! x

    1. Hmmmm...about tree fiddy? :P Glad you like the cake! :D

  3. Whoa. You are not f-ing around. I love that fritos are vegan. Oreos are too! Gotta love the accidentally vegan tasties.

    1. No I am not. This is dead serious. FRITO. CAKE.


  4. Yummy! And... amazing picture!

  5. This looks amazing! I think if I ever made this, it would be gone within the hour :p

  6. I'm so glad I found this on the Pintastic Party! I can't wait to make it! We all love pumpkin! And Fritos! I can't wait to taste this! Thanks! I'm pinning this to my "Food I Want To Make" board! That way I have the recipe at hand.

    1. Thanks, I really hope you get to try it! This is truly an amazing cake. :D

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