Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday recipe roundup from Finding Vegan

2014 holiday link love

Today, in an interruption of the sugary glop you normally see flowing through this blog, we (some of the bloggers who are on Finding Vegan, that is) have prepared for you a ginormous list of links to 100% vegan recipes that you may find helpful in your holiday preparations. It's actually super convenient. You scroll through all of the recipes, start feeling really hungry, make a sandwich, then return to your computer to bookmark whatever it is you want to make for Christmas dinner! Or any holiday, really! Deliciousness doesn't discriminate.

Hopefully you will enjoy the recipes featured here. And so without further ado, here they are. Um I mean one more ado, from Kathy Patalsky of Healthy Happy Life:

"There are some amazing vegan recipes, books, features and more out there on the internet, but it can be challenging to track down great content sometimes! That is where comes in. FV features recipes and more from the best vegan-friendly bloggers on the web! And this year, we FV asked some of its contributors to share their best content in a MEGA-amazing vegan round-up! Check out all that is going on in the vegan community!"

Okay NOW here are the recipes (plus some other neat but non-edible stuff too). Try not to drool all over your keyboard (or phone, ya filthy pleb).

1. Kathy Patalsky, founder of Finding Vegan.
     12 days of vegan Christmas giveaway and Youtube series.
     Kathy's smoothie cookbook to kickstart a healthy New Year's.
     Triple chocolate pumpkin cake. I'll take a slice of that.

Triple chocolate pumpkin cake. Photo from Kathy Patalsky.

2. Rachel Renee of Raw High Life.
     Raw vegan cinnamon rolls. You can make raw cinnamon rolls? What is this sorcery?!
     Her various and fabulous ebooks.
     Her Facebook page.

Raw vegan cinnamon rolls. Photo from Raw High Life.

3. June Baby (gee I wonder who that crazy kid is) of How to Philosophize with Cake.
     Salty sweet pecan pie bars with bourbon caramel. The bourbon is there so you can forget the pain while you eat dessert.

4. Kelly of The Pretty Bee.
     25 holiday treats to sweeten up your season. I'll take one of each, please.

Holiday treat roundup. Photo from The Pretty Bee.

5. Aimee of The Veg Life.
     Her holiday cookie ebook. I wonder if it's possible to wrap an ebook?
     Cranberry orange muffins. Such a wonderful combination of wintery flavors.

6. Natalie Thomas of Feasting on Fruit.
     Chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches. Cookie sandwiches are, like, objectively the best kind of sandwiches.
     Gingerbread snack cakes. Snack cake? What is this and why do I not have it??
     Caramel hot chocolate...the fruity way. I'll take a mug.

Chocolate peppermint cookie sandwiches. Photo from Feasting on Fruit.
7. Carolyn Murphy of Peacemeal.
     Mulled wine. What's a holiday without booze? A meeting. (Butchered Julia Child quote there.)
     Garlic and sun-dried tomato cheese ball. Ah, vegan cheese. The great miracle of our time.

     Butternut squash hummus guacamole dip. Only the best dip for your chip.

9. Trinity of Trinity's Kitchen.
     Festive seed roast loaf. Better than Tofurky any day of the week. 
     Christmas fruit 'n' nut truffles. Dare I say fruit cake?

Christmas fruit 'n' nut truffles. Photo from Trinity's Kitchen.
10. Ginny of Vegan in the Freezer.
     Spicy tortilla rollups. Great party food idea.
     Homemade kahlua. BRB, making my own sugary liquor. 
     Spiced rum balls. Aaaaand more booze! You can't not love it!  

Spicy tortilla rollups. Photo from Vegan in the Freezer.

11. Tia from Tia's Kitchen.
     Hot chocolate with peppermint. Okay now I really need a mug of that.
     Vegan eggnog. It just looks so thick...and creamy...

12. Danielle Levy of Danielle Levy Nutrition.
     Yuba roast with chestnut stuffing and celeriac puree. Holy cow that is one fancy entree. 
     Walnut-crusted tofu with braised chard and butternut squash. Whoever said tofu was boring hadn't seen this, clearly. 

Walnut-crusted tofu with braised chard and butternut squash. Photo from Danielle Levy Nutrition.

13. Vanessa of Becomingness.
     Caramel macadamia chocolate cups. My kind of candy.
     Introducing BecomingSweet! A healthy dessert cookbook with beautiful photographs.
     15 best raw desserts. Raw foods really are versatile.

14. Aurora of The Indie Broccoli.
     Christmas loaf with lentils and quinoa. Hearty and healthy!
     Rutabaga fries with vegan basil mayo. That vegan mayo is killing me (not literally, of course).

Rutabaga fries with vegan basil mayo. Photo from The Indie Broccoli.
15. Bianca of The Elephantastic Vegan.
     Pink beet cupcakes. I actually have some beet puree to use up...seeing these in my near future.
     Her website and Facebook page!

16. Cate of A Traveling Cook.
     Easy gluten-free Christmas pudding. Such an awesome classic.

17. Clemence of The Vegan Cookie Fairy.
     Her ebook, The Vegan Cookie Fairy's Christmas Recipes. The cover alone looks incredible.
     Another ebook of hers, The Vegan Cookie Fairy's Chocolate Recipes. Can't go wrong with that.

Gingerbread pumpkin cheesecake squares with chocolate drizzle. Photo from The Vegan Cookie Fairy.

18. Jennifer of Veggie-Inspired Journey.
     Vegan dill ceviche. Ooh la la!
     Chocolate peppermint crunch bars. Thick and gooey and, well, crunchy.      

19. Dana of Vanishing Veggie.
     Her website and Facebook page
     A nice bright citrus salad. Because every holiday meal needs at least one light side dish.

20. Sophia of Veggies Don't Bite.
     Raw (or baked) pumpkin caramel pie in a mason jar. Such a cute arrangement!
     Frothy hot chocolate with pistachio milk. Pistachio milk? TIL that exists.
     Wicked easy overnight oats. I, for one, am definitely trying this method.

Frothy hot chocolate with pistachio milk. Photo from Veggies Don't Bite.

21. Christina of The Beautiful Balance.
     Soft and chewy ginger molasses cookies. With milk, anyone?
     Maple apple scones. Almost like apple pie, but in scone form.
     Pear raspberry frangipane tart. Ah, such an elegant dessert.

22. Stacey of Southern Vegan Kitchen.
     Lumberjack date cake. Very healthy gluten-free cake.
     Peanut butter chocolate dream pie. What, I'm the only person who dreams about stuff like this?

23. Shannon of The Glowing Fridge.
     Candy cane marshmallow peppermint fudge. A foolproof homemade Christmas gift.

24. Jessica of Two Green Peas
     Chocolate candy cane pretzel bark. Sweet and salty bliss.
     Vegan gingerbread houses. Another way to get your inner Martha Stewart on!
     Starry night Christmas okra masala. Holy cannoli! Okra really does look like stars!

Vegan gingerbread houses. Photo from Two Green Peas.

25. Majda of Bread Olives.
     Walnut date truffles. Healthier than eating a ball of ganache, but still tasty.

Walnut date truffles. Photo from Bread Olives.

26. Vicky of May I Have That Recipe.
     Vegan eggnog sticky toffee pudding. 10/10, would get sticky fingers for this.
     Vegan tiramisu. Forget the recipe; can I just have a nice big bowl of this?
     Roasted vegetable pot pies. Take that, chicken.

Vegan eggnog sticky toffee pudding. Photo from May I Have That Recipe.

27. Dora of Dora's Table.
     Garabatos cookies, or scribble cookies. Coconut shortbread cookies with chocolate filling, a popular treat in Mexico.

Garabatos cookies. Photo from Dora's Table.

28. Kelly of Trial and Eater
     How to make vanilla extract. Would make a nice stocking stuffer for the cook in your family...hint hint.
     Sunflower wrap. Healthy snack in between holiday feasts.

29. Michelle of Healthier Steps.
     Vegan broccoli and rice casserole. Cheesy vegan goodness.
     Sweet potato souffle. Aw yiss. Sweet potatoes.
     Jamaican pumpkin soup. So creamy and flavorful.

30. Marly of Namely Marly.
     Vegan queso dip. I'd eat this with a spoon.
     Sage and gouda cheese ball. Hot diggity.

Sage and gouda cheese ball. Photo from Namely Marly.

Aaaand some bonus recipes picked by Miss Patalsky!

31. Cara of Fork and Beans made healthy reindeer cookies! Too cute to eat. 

32. Veggie and the Beast made whole wheat ginger cutout cookies. No refined sugar!

33. Vegukate made superfood hot cocoa. Ah, perfect for breakfast. 

Want more? Sign up for the Finding Vegan newsletter here! Hope you enjoyed this roundup and found a few recipes (or ebooks) to love.


  1. Well, crap. This reminds me: I need to submit my recipe for that Finding Vegan group roundup. Whoops. :) Thanks for the awesome recipes!

    1. I think there'll be more roundups sometime! Was cool seeing you there :)

  2. Good thing I just had breakfast! Not sure I could have handled looking at all of these goodies otherwise!

  3. Vegan recipes make me happy. Fa la la la la la la la la. Other recipes are so sappy. Fa la la la la la la la la.

    Oh, sorry about that, you caught me singing my favorite holiday jingle. Love all these awesome vegan recipes - thanks for sharing!!