Monday, March 16, 2015

Vegan chocolate chip cookie for one

vegan chocolate chip cookie for one

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for all of the music to come for the rest of 2015. We’re past the left shark-right shark thing of January—now it’s time to get down to business. I think.

Don't remind me. source

First off, we have today’s release of To Pimp A Butterfly by rap darling Kendrick Lamar, which was pretty cool. I love that we live in an age where a musician can release an album and minutes later have it floating out of your laptop like it’s nothing. I also love that we live in an age where a sensitive and insightful poet masquerading as a cool-guy rapper can release an album called, well, To Pimp A Butterfly.

LOL I have no idea what is going on. source

And before we can all catch our collective breath (because I know all of you cookie lovers out there are hyperventilating right now), Kanye West is slated to release his album So Help Me God...soon I guess? We hope? In the meantime, we can be satisfied with the few pieces he’s released already, like Wolves, which was performed on SNL with—you’ll never guess—Sia fucking Furler!

I love that we live in a time where Kanye West is making music with Sia. And Sir Paul McCartney. I really think it’s time we set aside our differences and just loved each other because damn these people are setting an example. Speaking of Sia! She has an album coming too. If you can’t get excited by this then I dunno what to tell you. Called This is Acting. I expect it to be one hundred percent radness.

Later in the year, we may even see some records from the likes of Emeli Sande and Adele—who was really my idol in the heyday of 21 and who still kind of is...but it’s hard to stay so attached to just one artist for, like, four years. And who knows what might happen? Someone might pull a Beyonce and shock us all with some brand-spanking-new music out of the blue.

You can see how mainstream my tastes are. Ah, whatever, being mainstream is fun. Tell me what music you’re excited for! Y’all can relate, I bet, being pumped whenever a super-rich pop star announces they’re going to bless us plebs with some tunes.

On a completely unrelated note, I made you cookies. I mean cookie. 

Ah, same thing.

It’s another recipe from that Mug Cakes book I checked out at the library, tweaked slightly to exclude all animal products (you can thank me later). While not a cake, you can still make it in the microwave. Just mix up the ingredients in a bowl, roll up the dough in a ball, pat it down on a plate (greased, preferably), and microwave for all of a minute—and hallelujah! it’s a cookie!

Indeed, it is a cookie.

So here’s how to make it. Oh—and because it’s so easy, you really have no excuse not to whip one up. It’ll take you all of five minutes and five hundred calories I MEAN NO CALORIES AT ALL NOPE NONE TO BE SEEN HERE. Yeah.


Vegan chocolate chip cookie for one

Adapted from Mug Cakes


14 grams • coconut oil, melted • 1 tablespoon

12 grams • superfine sugar • 1 tablespoon

14 grams • light brown sugar • 1 tablespoon

3 grams • ground flaxseed • 1 teaspoon

15 grams • warm water • 1 tablespoon

1 gram • vanilla extract • ¼ teaspoon

26 grams • all-purpose flour • 3 tablespoons

Pinch salt

20 grams • chocolate chips • 2 tablespoons


In a small bowl, whisk together coconut oil, superfine sugar, brown sugar, flaxseed, water, and vanilla extract until combined. Stir in flour and salt until a dough forms. Stir in chocolate chips.

Pat dough together into a large circle; place on a small greased plate. Microwave 1 minute 10 seconds at 600W, 1 minute at 800W, or 50 seconds at 1000W. Let cool for 5 minutes before eating (preferably with a nice cold glass of almond milk).


That's a balanced breakfast right there.

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  1. Non-mug-micro....cookie?! Yes please! Loving the massive single serving! :D
    I didn't know Sia has planned to release another album so soon! That is pretty crazy really... But I have no objections - she is awesome :D Music business is moving too fast for me though, no clue what is being released this year :O x

    1. I know right? This thing is huge, and sooo good :) And I guess we'll be waiting for the Sia album together now...she says she's already done with it, so it's only a matter of time :D

  2. I love this! I still have not tried any mug cakes but I really want to. So many recipes - so little time. Love coconut oil! Have a great week.

    1. You will have to try a mug cake soon! They're really awesome :)

  3. Oh MAN. Between this and the chocolate PB mug cake, I will never skip dessert again. Sorry, pants.

    1. Ah who needs pants anyway? When you can have cookies :D